spray tanning

A spray tan is a safe way to get a gorgeous golden glow and we use only the very best tanning products from leading brand, St. Tropez.

-Award winning Natural Healthy looking results

-Steak-free finish

-Light weight and non-sticky

-Fast absorbing

-Non-comedogenic/ pore clogging

-Certified Organic DHA active self-tan ingredient

-100% Paraben-free

Spray Tan Services and Pricing
Signature Bronze


Perfect for that natural tan for any and all skin types. Please avoid water contact up to 6 hours to allow the tan to develop. The longer you wait to shower- the better the results of the spray tan.

Express Bronze


The most advanced technology in spray tanning! You choose your desired level of tan. If you want a light, sun-kissed glow, wait 1-1.5 hours before showering. For a medium tan, wait 2-2.5. hours. For a deep, dark tan, wait 3+ hours. The tan will stop developing after 3 hours. Just shower when you want to stop the tanning process to achieve your completely customized sunless glow.

Deep Bronze


Our deepest, darkest tan. Please avoid water contact up to 6 hours to allow the tan to develop. Perfect for right before your tropical vacation!


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